Numerical Wind Tunnel
Clustered Multicore PCs

CPUF PentiumD (3GHz) x 6
Core 2 Duo (2.4GHz) x 12
Core i7 x 21
Memory: 2 to 9GB
Connection: Gigabit Ethernet
OS: CentOS Linux
Compiler and Library: Intel Fotran/C++ Compiler, MPI library

Since Jan. 2006
- Approx. 50 Linux computers (e.g., Intel Pentium 4, 3.0GHz CPU with 2GB Memory)
- Supercomputer system at Nagoya University

- Postprocessing (Flow Visualization) Software by Intelligent Light, Inc.

Since Dec. 2005
Pointwise (Gridgen)
- Preprocessing (Grid Generation) Software by POINTWISE, Inc.

Since Dec. 2005

Anechoic Chamber
An acoustic chamber is designed to create a free sound field inside. Accurate acoustic measurements are conducted in this chamber.

- Background Noise: 20dB
- External Dimensions: 4.54m x3.024m x3.024m
- Acoustic Absorbent Thickness: 0.25m
Anechoic Wind Tunnel
An anechoic wind tunnel, set up in the anechoic chamber, is used to investigate noise reduction and acoustic characteristics induced by flow.

- Flow Speed: 0 - 30m/s
- Exit: 950mm x950mm
Variable-Directional Wind Tunnel
- Flow Speed: Max. 42m/s
- Exit: 1940mm (Octagon)
- Variable Wind Direction (-15 to +95deg.)

(shared with other labs in Dept. Aerosp. Eng.)
Transonic Wind Tunnel
- Flow Speed: Mach 0.4-1.2
- Type: Closed-Circuit
- Test Section: 40cm x 30cm

Supersonic Wind Tunnel
- Flow Speed: Mach 1.5, 2.0, or 2.5
- Type: Blow-down
- Test Section: 20cm x 15cm
- Duration: 5 to 30s

Hypersonic Shock Tunnel
- Flow Speed: Mach 8.1
- Nozzle Exit: 35cm (diameter)
- Duration: 20 to 40ms
- Total Temperature: 900 to 950K
- Total Pressure: 3.3 to 5.0MPa

(shared with other labs in Dept. Aerosp. Eng.)
Low Speed Wind Tunnel
- Flow Speed: 0 to 40m/s
- Exit: 900mm x 750mm (Ellipse)
- Type: Goettingen

Arc-Heated Wind Tunnel